About Us


Some people say that the destiny of a good product is measure by the effort of their creators. Mimo's was born in Florida's State after a lot of studies to accomplish a wonderful mixture between exquisite flavor and unbeatable presentation.

Ammore Group is the company which works without effort behind a Mimo's Cakes. It's a company young and serious who has offered trust and dedication to serve his clients. "Our product line is growing, Ammore Group is young but hasn't spared effort to manage the entire commercialization of Mimo's through the whole state", Ramón Maceira president of Ammore Group, told us.

Ammore Group is a company with updated thoughts, 99% of the employees have a juvenile mind. "We won't stop only in profitability, we're also concern and participate in the community growth as part as our social responsibility. We are a company which promise art and creativity in our products".

We are proud to please the palate of our more demanding clients. We work our best to ensure that every person get in their hands a Mimo's Cakes always fresh and soft. A Mimo's can be receive in your hands perfectly dress for a gift, in large quantities for wholesale or prepared for a special event.

Comete un Mimo's! Have a Mimo's!